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This is totally unnecessary, but

I think I should introduce myself.
The name's Anna. Came from Indonesia. You will know my hobbies if you take a look to my profile. Currently sinking in a big fandom called Yuri on Ice with Otabek Altin as dear favorite character. I ship Otabek with everyone but I mainly go to otayuri-yuribek. I love uke!Otabek more than anything. Beside him, I also love JJ dearly, and I spend most of my time rooting for minor characters. I can't accept Yuri Plisetsky ship other than otayuri and yuribek; I also avoid overly feminine Yuri, but I don't mind people who likes it. Ship war is foolish.

I understand Japanese and occasionally translates new information from Japanese to Indonesian, sometimes English. Active at twitter. You can drop bye to say hello @sasunarukawaii 👌

That's it I guess?